3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™, 3Dom EUROPE™ unite

3D-Fuel™ LLC, Dom USA™, and 3Dom Europe™ LLC have recently teamed up under one roof to form a new company name – 3DomFuel™. This new conglomerate will combine the resources and capabilities of all three companies. This will expand production capabilities, enhance the quality of the 3D printing products, provide competitive pricing, and build a truly intercontinental sales and logistics presence with facilities in USA and in Europe. The new company will continue to manufacture products under the trademarked 3D-Fuel™ brand and offer 3D-Fuel’s most popular product line, Advanced PLA, as well as 3Dom USA’s and 3Dom Europe’s high-quality lines of bio-composites, exotics, and purging materials.

3DomFuel’s product line-up currently includes: Advanced PLA (High heat resistant filament), Premium PLA (High quality, standard filament), Wound Up™ (Coffee infused filament), Buzzed™ (Beer infused filament), Entwined™ (Hemp infused filament), Biome3D™ (Durable bio-based filament), Glass Filled PLA (Higher strength and toughness filament) and Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ (Non-abrasive cleaning filament).

3DomFuel is currently developing several new 3D printing products for FDM that will be introduced into the market over the coming months. These filaments will provide aesthetic and mechanical properties that will be unique to the industry.