3D Systems announce CE Mark of D2P™ for healthcare apps

3D Systems has announced the achievement of CE Mark for its D2P™ software for healthcare applications. 3D Systems’ D2P software allows surgeons and medical staff with no technical background to quickly create accurate, digital 3D anatomical models from medical imaging data. These patient-specific models can be used for advanced visualization, 3D printing, surgical planning, and as an input into the design of patient-specific guides and instrumentations.

The D2P technology consolidates all 3D modeling preparation steps into one platform. 3D digital models can be sent seamlessly and instantly to 3D Systems’ printers, Geomagic® Freeform Plus™, and Virtual Reality (VR) products. It can also allow for the export of files in standard formats to be used with other applications.

The unique streamlining process from medical images to a 3D digital model in various formats provides medical professionals with a variety of pre-operative surgical planning options — without losing data and time between steps — for an affordable price.