3D Systems announces a new D2P™ technology at RSNA®

D2P two doctors

At the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA®) Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 3D Systems has announced a new D2P™ (DICOM to PRINT) technology that helps clinicians and radiologists quickly create accurate, digital 3D anatomical models from medical imaging data.

The company also announced the industry-first Volume Virtual Reality (VR) technology that allows physicians to upload patient scan data to D2P and immediately visualize medical datasets in virtual reality without time-consuming pre-processing or segmentation.

Visualization in virtual reality greatly enhances 3D understanding of structure and scale and can be used as part of routine examinations, or preoperative planning of surgical procedures. This new technology is available now as part of an integrated application through 3D Systems’ D2P offering.

3D Systems partners with radiologists, surgeons, healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, and medical teaching staff to offer a range of precision healthcare solutions, including virtual reality simulators, 3D printed anatomical models, VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning), patient-specific surgical guides, instrumentation and implants.