3D Systems collab with United Therapeutics for Bioprinting

United Therapeutics Corporate Headquarters

3D Systems and United Therapeutics Corporation have announced plans to develop solid-organ scaffolds for human transplants. The multi-year collaboration and development agreement combines the 3D printing and precision healthcare expertise of 3D Systems with the regenerative medicine and organ manufacturing capabilities of United Therapeutics Corporation.

3D Systems will collaborate with United Therapeutics and its organ manufacturing and transplantation-focused subsidiary, Lung Biotechnology PBC. The agreement focuses on the development of 3D printing systems for solid-organ scaffolds, beginning with lung scaffolds.

The printing system will target collagen and other building block proteins as scaffold raw materials. United Therapeutics will cellularize the scaffolds with patient-specific biological material, including re-differentiated stem cells.

The collaboration and joint development will add another technology alternative to United Therapeutics’ pursuit of an unlimited supply of organs for human transplantation.