3devo launches Industrial Desktop Extruders

3devo has recently launched two Industrial Desktop Filament Extruders, the 3devo NEXT 1.0 and 3devo Advanced. Whereas there have been several notable maker made filament extrusion devices and there are many different types of large industrial extruders available the 3devo machines are the first of their kind. The NEXT and Advanced put high reliability, repeatability and tolerances in a small form factor. The 3devo NEXT 1.0 is targeted at makers, 3D printing shops and universities that wish to lower the cost of 3D printing by a factor of 7 by using regrind or virgin pellets to make filament. And that wish to lower the environmental cost of 3D printing by recycling materials such as ABS or PET to make 3D printing filament.

The 3devo Advanced has been specifically created for compounders, extrusion companies, researchers, plastics companies, universities and 3D printing companies who wish to accelerate the pace of plastics innovation by allowing for cost effective small batch production of new grades, new materials or variants.

Both the 3devo NEXT and Advanced are manufactured in the Netherlands. Have independent heating zones with independently set temperatures (3 heating zones for the NEXT and 4 for the Advanced). Have a Self-regulating filament diameter control system. The main differences between the NEXT and the Advanced is that the NEXT has 3 controlled independent heating zones and a maximum temperature of 350° C.