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Sinterit Lisa launches a new generation of Lisa

Sinterit Lisa has gained the reputation of being the only desktop SLS, able to print complex and precise prints with the same quality as big and expensive SLS machines.

Sinterit launches a new product – Sinterit Lisa 2

By consistently following its mission to open up access to this advanced SLS technology, Sinterit is now introducing its second desktop SLS machine, which can empower the creativity of engineers and designers, right in their office or lab.

Autodesk and Sinterit formulated SLS printing easier

Autodesk Netfabb industrial additive software has added support for Sinterit Lisa, an affordable selective laser sintering (SLS) printer. With a new sieve and automated...
Sinterit introduces powder sieve to complement the Lisa 3D printer

With the new sieve, Sinterit introduces the first end-to-end SLS desktop system

SPONSORED CONTENT Sinterit, the manufacturer of the first desktop laser sintering 3D printer, now offers a sieve that cleans the powder and facilitates multiple uses...

Sinterit secures EUR 1M from FIT AG

Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering systems based in Krakow, Poland, has recently secured additional funding to the amount of EUR 1.1M by way of a rights issue.

World’s first 3D printed pleating costume new craftsmanship of SLS

During the premiere of ‘Farewell My Concubine’ – a play of the Beijing Opera, the actors will perform in costumes printed using the Sinterit Lisa printer taking advantage of the 3D SLS technology. PhD candidates in the famous London Royal College of Art, Mingjing Lin and Tsai-Chun Huang, in terms of the Fold the Inter-fashionality project, have combined new technology with traditional craftsmanship.

AR technology in glasses from SLS 3D printer

New technologies are the field where evolution and changes are the most noticeable. And such are the 3D systems of augmented reality – the devices are constantly upgraded to guarantee the highest image quality. The combination of virtual 3D reality and non-virtual reality is the result of a collaboration between Sinterit and Professor Rigo Herold – a German researcher working on developing AR technology as well as on the design of data glasses.

Additive manufacturing in the medical world

Additive manufacturing can be of great value to the medical world, offering pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals techniques that enable them to provide customised care to patients.