AMBER researcher awarded EUR 2.5M

An AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland funded materials science centre, researcher, Prof. Valeria Nicolosi, has recently been a recipient of the European Research Council’s (ERC) Consolidator Grants. The ‘ERC Consolidator Grant’ is one of the most sought-after competitive research grants in Europe and will provide Prof. Nicolosi with EUR 2.5M in funding over 5 years for her project “3D2DPrint”.

The project focuses on creating a new type of extremely long lasting battery – one that can come in any shape or size and can be camouflaged within any type of material – whether that’s clothing, your mobile phone, your car dashboard or even implanted inside your body (e.g. for an Implanted Cardiac Device). This funding will enable her to establish a multidisciplinary research group to develop this unique class of energy storage devices.

The project Prof. Nicolosi and her team are working on will develop fully customisable batteries – they will be custom made and formulated for whatever specific application needed. They will be able to be used for general fitness (e.g. within a 3D Printed smart fitness watch), as well as being manufactured and fully integrated within a 3D printed Implanted Cardiac Device.