AMCD Dresden is the new center for AM research

Rocket nozzle, additively manufactured by powder-bed technology, with adapted cooling channels

The Fraunhofer IWS Dresden and Technische Universität Dresden inaugurated their jointly operated Center for Additive Manufacturing Dresden (AMCD) with a festive ceremony on February 7, 2017. Scientists from various disciplines will perform research on materials, additive manufacturing processes and innovative technologies, which build up components in a layer by layer process. This technology opens up new horizons for component design and combinations of functions.

A research team headed by Prof. Christoph Leyens, head of the AMCD, works in coordination with the huge international research project AGENT-3D. This project unites more than 100 industrial and scientific partners, who work hand in hand on solutions related to the implementation of additive manufacturing into industrial applications. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has funded the project with EUR 45M. In addition, the involved industrial companies have supported the research project with about EUR 30M.

The AMCD offers industrially relevant manufacturing technologies for metals, ceramics and plastics. Its unique feature is the comprehensive expertise of all involved scientists with respect to process- and material knowledge. Only the combination of process development and material expertise enables the production of innovative 3D-printing products, which are cost-effective and reliable as well.

The inauguration of the AMCD took place on the eve of the 2nd International Symposium Additive Manufacturing, being held at the International Congress Center Dresden on February 8 – 9, 2017.