Bondtech launches new extruder for 3D

Bondtech has launched a new extruder for 3D-printing that combines low weight with high feeding capacity, together with their proven and highly celebrated Dual-Drive technology for maximum performance without grinding and slipping. This new design gives the markets best force-to-weight ratio, which will give the most responsive and best solution for feeding material with high reliability and performance.

The extruders from Bondtech are being used worldwide on a daily basis. Martin Bondéus who is the founder of the brand has listen to his customers and made an even better extruder then before and the owners of 3D-printers are more than satisfied with this new design.

Bondtech was started by Martin Bondéus in the year of 2014 after that he had been very frustrating at the extruders, when he tried to build his own 3D-printer. He searched the internet for information and realized that the problem with unreliable extrusion was universal. He started to work on a solution and the first extruder Martin produced, worked very well and solved the extrusion problem due to be able to provide high extrusion force without slipping on the filament.