Coobx launches LIFTcell

Coobx, the Liechtenstein-based additive manufacturing company, has announced the launching of LIFTcell production lines, which make the change from Additive Manufacturing to Additive Production reality. To reach customer demands on quantities, there are three different units with different grades of automation.

The LIFTcell 2 makes the step to automated 3D production as easy as never before. An fully automatic Pick&Place system organizes the continuous production of up to 60 build platforms.

For true industrial and mass production, the LIFTcell 8 & LIFTcell 12 systems have been designed. To give as much as possible flexibility, the LIFTcell handles up to 6 different materials on a maximum of 12 machines in a unit.

Every LIFTcell version can be equipped with the standard EXIGO 1-110 or EXIGO 1-350 and can be also mixed up in one unit.

Together with a qualified process and a minimum footprint, the LIFTcell is ready for production.