Creabis selects Prodways’ ProMaker P1000 – a 3D printer

Creabis, one of the top experts for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing in Germany, has chosen Prodways’ newest laser sintering 3D printer, ProMaker P1000, to ensure the most innovative options for its industrial customers.

Creabis had been working with selective laser sintering technology and has a complete knowledge of the industry. Upon reviewing all the latest selective laser sintering 3D printers, Creabis chose the brand new ProMaker P1000 from Prodways to be installed in its facility near Munich.

Creabis was convinced that Prodways’ selective laser sintering 3D printer was the clear choice, delivering excellent surface quality, fine detail, and high resolution, perfect for meeting the needs of customers seeking high-quality additive manufacturing.

The ProMaker P1000 from Prodways is capable of delivering a high surface quality and detail resolution with complex textures, especially important in the field of glasses manufacturing. 3D printing in the eyewear industry has drastically changed how glasses are designed and manufactured. Creabis is a well-known supplier of high-quality additive manufacturing solutions for this industry.