CREAT3D exhibits 3D printers

Eng_design_show_1CREAT3D will feature a number of specialist desktop 3D printers at the Engineering Design Show, at the Jaguar Exhibition Hall in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. CREAT3D will also provide free consultations and advice for appropriate 3D printing applications.

They will be showcasing a selection of hand-picked 3D printers offering different tools to suit different design, engineering and manufacturing applications, across a breadth of industries, from Oil & Gas, Electronics and Aerospace to Defence, Energy and Automotive.

Their range of desktop 3D printing equipment provides low-cost options to enhance product design and development processes, as well as benefits manufacturing and production through the creation of one-off components, tools, jigs, fixtures and moulds.

Some of the printers on show include:

Xeed by Leapfrog. Its dual-head and ability to print in PLA, ABS and soluble support makes it well suited for creating complex geometries in product development.

Mark One Composite 3D Printer produces Nylon based parts which can be reinforced with Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass or Kevlar, presenting very high strength, functional 3D printed parts, for working prototypes or jig & fixtures production

MakerBot Replicator Z18 has a very large build size and good surface finish, and also features networking capability and automatic filament detection. The Z18 is a versatile 3D printer for prototyping and design applications.

UP Box is an ABS specialist desktop 3D printer, well placed for engineering and electronic applications requiring more detailed parts and a higher-post processing temperature for form, fit and function testing.