CTC’s invests USD 1.2 M in Metal AM at Pennsylvania

CTC’s Total Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment Investment Tops USD 2.0 M.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has invested an additional USD 1.2 M in new additive manufacturing equipment at its Johnstown, Pennsylvania, facility. The new equipment includes a VRC Metal Systems Gen III Max Cold Spray system and an AMBIT™ Hybrid Additive Manufacturing multi-task system (installed in a HAAS VF 11 multi-axis machine tool). With these additions, CTC is now able to offer clients three metal processes: cold spray, hybrid additive manufacturing, and powder bed fusion-laser. These processes can also be merged to provide customized solutions.

Cold spray is a solid-state process that deposits metal powder with temperatures below the material melting point through the use of a supersonic nozzle and pressurized/heated inert gas.