DS Smith uses 3D tool for betterment of design process

DS Smith has been using 3D scanner and printer technology to improve the design process for many of its customers.

One of the main benefits is that using 3D scanner technology gives customers even greater flexibility as everyone works against tighter deadlines and the complexity of the automotive supply chain increases.

The 3D scanning tool can, in just a few minutes, capture, manipulate and replicate the product, down to the nearest 0.5mm. The scan is imported to DS Smith’s CAD system from which designers can then work, creating the best packaging solution for the part.

A key benefit of the technology is that it enables us to start designing packaging at the beginning of the product development journey, before a component is even finalised. We can work on a packaging prototype from just a 3D scan. This speeds up the process and means there is no delay for the customer.