EOS introduces EOSPRINT 2.0, an intuitive user interface

EOSPRINT 2.0: New generation of job and process management software. (Source: EOS)

EOS, the world’s leading technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, presents EOSPRINT 2.0, the newest version of its comprehensive AM (Additive Manufacturing) CAM environment. Together with data preparation software like Siemens NX™, or Magics, the new EOS software provides an intuitive user interface, offers customers greater freedom for application-specific parameter optimization and allows easier part optimization – leading to increased productivity and part quality. EOSPRINT 2.0 is now available for metal systems EOS M 290 and EOS M 400.

EOSPRINT 2.0 introduces a workflow-based approach for the graphical user interface reflecting the AM CAM process. This means that the software architecture is built around the workflow of data preparation for industrial 3D printing.

EOSPRINT is prepared for full integration into automated workflows for the digital future (Industry 4.0). Its functionality is structurally modular so it will be easy to integrate into CAD/CAM as well as ERP/MES environments.