EOS with IPCM pro enters into the world of 3D printing

EOS presents new periphery module IPCM M pro for easy and secure material handling. (Source: EOS).

EOS, the world’s leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, introduces the material handling solution IPCM M pro for its well-established EOS M 290 system.

The EOS M 290 is equipped with a special process chamber door with coupling points to connect with the IPCM M pro and material containers. The combination of system and periphery enables users to convey material easy, fast and safe out of the system, sieve it and refill it into the system.

The EOS M 290 system features a reproducible high part quality, a broad range of validated materials and processes, and extensive software solutions for data preparation and quality management.

With the IPCM M pro module, EOS expands this established AM system by including the option of particularly easy and safe material handling. Together with the comprehensive range of consulting services that EOS provides, companies have access to a holistic portfolio of solutions that enables them to successfully enter the world of 3D printing.