FIT and Russian NIK form a joint venture named “FITNIK”

Carl Fruth (left) and Alexander Korneev

The German technology innovator FIT Additive Manufacturing Group and the Russian Research and Engineering Company NIK Ltd. have announced the creation of a new joint venture company called “FITNIK” to open up the Russian market for additive manufacturing.

The German‑Russian cooperation will commence January 2018. The new company, located in Zhukovsky, will combine the deep expertise of both parent companies to leverage consulting proficiencies to enhance specific design for aviation parts and components, and to manufacture cutting-edge parts by innovative additive manufacturing in Russia. Production at the Russian site is expected to be fully operational within two years.

Zhukovsky, 30 km south of Moscow, is known as an important Russian aircraft center for scientific research and development. This carefully chosen location is an environment for creative innovation and allows access to excellent engineering expertise and talent.