Frost recognizes Norsk Titanium AS for Its RPD™ AM

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Norsk Titanium AS with the European Technology Innovation Award for Its Novel RPD™ Additive Manufacturing Technique.

Norsk Titanium’s novel technique enables lower lead times, lean manufacturing, and significantly less titanium use and machining, leading to waste reduction.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Norsk Titanium AS (Norsk) with the 2017 Europe Technology Innovation Award for its novel Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (RPD™) technology allows applications in numerous industries for the production of complex and high-strength products with high material property requirements. As a result of the Norsk-developed RPD™ technology, Norsk is a qualified aerospace supplier of structural titanium 3-D manufactured parts.

Many scientists believe that titanium is the metal of the future. Due to its high strength, light weight, and compatibility with carbon fiber, titanium alloys have found applications in aircraft construction by offering energy efficiency, safety, and rigidity.

To address the aforementioned challenges faced by conventional titanium alloy manufacturing technologies, Norsk, a Norway-based additive manufacturing company, developed the novel titanium alloy additive manufacturing technique termed RPD™ technology.

The RPD™ additive manufacturing technology can fabricate titanium alloy structural components with high material and metallurgical integrity.