GF embraces AM in mold and dye industry

GF Machining Solutions has long been a major actor in plastic injection by providing market players with high-performance machine tools.

The AM S 290 Tooling, based on the established and proven EOS technology, is a system dedicated to the mould and dye industry. A System 3R MacroMagnum chuck is fully integrated into the building system. This significantly improves the ability for upstream and downstream integration of the AM process in the whole production process.

Both in mould and dye and other applications in various segments, GF Machining Solutions is at the forefront of efficiently blending traditional and new manufacturing technologies, not only by optimizing parts and process flow but also by improving data flow and systems connectivity.

AM is a hot industrial topic as applications are numerous and promising—and initiatives are multiplying all over the world. GF Machining Solutions has embraced AM as a leading technology providing new opportunities for its customers, and understands how it complements traditional technologies, particularly in mold and dye manufacturing.