GKN introduces 20MnCr5 for metal AM applications

Source: ASM International

GKN plc, Auburn Hills, Mich., has introduced 20MnCr5, a new case hardening steel powder optimized for metal additive manufacturing applications. According to the company, the new powder offers high strength and ductility as well as excellent wear resistance.

Supported by microstructural analysis and mechanical testing, GKN’s researchers state that they have achieved a density of 99.9% in finished parts made from 20MnCr5.

The case hardening process for 20MnCr5 was developed with a focus on standard requirements for surface hardness and case-depth profile.

Thanks to its increased core strength and wear resistance, GKN believes that the availability of 20MnCr5 for additive manufacturing will benefit a range of components, including gears, camshafts, universal joints, and link applications.

GKN will also offer hybrid production, combining AM with different manufacturing techniques to achieve optimum results. A key advantage of 20MnCr5 is its ability to be combined with all weldable materials, making it possible to offer spare parts in low volumes at reduced costs.