GROUPE GORGE plans to launch the PRODWAYS GROUP Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2017 on Euronext Paris. Since GROUPE GORGE intends to remain the largest long-term shareholder, the IPO would take the form of a capital increase and is expected to raise funding for PRODWAYS GROUP to accelerate its ambitious strategy of market share gains.

PRODWAYS GROUP saw its revenue climb from EUR 0.1M in 2013 to more than EUR 25M in 2016, while its headcount rose from 1 to 248 in the same period. This vigorous growth was achieved by a strategy combining organic growth, sustained by substantial capital expenditure, and targeted acquisitions in the B2B 3D printing segment.

PRODWAYS GROUP is the sole European company present at every stage of the 3D printing value chain (machines, materials, parts and services). It has two divisions: systems and products.

Backed by its significant export market (international business accounts for 58% of total revenue) and its breakthrough MOVINGLight® technology, PRODWAYS GROUP enjoys global visibility in the industrial 3D printing industry and is well positioned with top-tier clients.

Excluding major acquisitions, PRODWAYS GROUP targets until 2019 a growth of at least 4% points higher than the market.