Intermountain 3D and Idaho steel install SLS 3D printer

Idaho brings new manufacturing capability to Idaho Steel, which is a manufacturer of food processing equipment. Idaho steel has purchased 3D Systems Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine, which produce Food-forming pistons from a food-grade nylon and integrates into production equipment.

The 3D Systems ProX 500 SLS printer builds products layer by layer. The highly precise SLS process uses the laser to fuse particles of plastic, glass, ceramic or metal, and then the laser traces the pattern of each cross-section of the 3D design onto a bed of powder. After one layer is built, the bed lowers and another layer is built on top of the existing layers. The bed then continues to lower until every layer is built and the part is complete.

Intermountain 3D, Inc. is the authorized reseller of 3D Systems products, has decided to work with Idaho Steel to commit to additive manufacturing. Manufacturers all over the country are integrating 3D printing into their production processes.

Additive manufacturing delivers high quality parts with zero geometry limitation; one can print virtually whatever is designed in a 3D file, making it very attractive for evolving complex designs.

Intermountain 3D and Idaho Steel are planning to co-host an open house in celebration of National Manufacturing Day on October 2 at the Idaho Steel facility. Mayor Rebecca Caspar will be speaking on the value of manufacturing in eastern Idaho, which will then be followed by a printer demonstration and an opportunity to sample McDonald’s hash brown patties which are now being formed with the use of 3D printed pistons.