Investments in 3D Printing from Healthcare

3D Printing Systems in Healthcare, Forecast to 2020 is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Advanced Medical Technologies Growth Partnership Subscription. The analysis finds that the USD 6.51 B global market in 2016 is expected to be worth USD 17.46 B in 2020. It also presents the current status of the regulatory framework and the best 3D printing markets for investments.

The healthcare industry is proving to be an enthusiastic adopter of the 3D printing technology and the widespread use of this technology will lead to better treatment modalities and approaches, better materials, and eventually better lives for both the patient as well as the surgeon. Challenges such as low reimbursement rates, lack of clear regulatory framework, and issues related to cybersecurity and intellectual property need to be addressed for 3D printing to get into mass production.

Due to its cost effectiveness and rapid manufacturing process, countries all over the world are eager to adopt 3D printing technology. The biggest markets by revenue are North America (38%); Europe (20.6%) and Asia-Pacific.