ITI’s participation in Symbionica

Accurately sliced parts with colored contours showing the height from the base of the build platform.

International TechneGroup Limited (ITI) has announced its ongoing participation in European Horizon 2020 research project, Symbionica. The project aims to develop a cutting-edge additive and subtractive manufacturing platform that can produce fully customizable smart prostheses for the medical technology industry.

Symbionica was formed to address the current state of customized prosthetics development and manufacture. Currently, Production is limited due to the cost and manufacturing techniques available to medical technologists. By utilizing new CAD, CAE, 3D printing and multi-material additive and subtractive manufacturing production processes, new and more complex designs with a finer level of customization are possible.

ITI was selected to be a part of Symbionica due to the versatility of the CADfix integration platform and its advanced geometry manipulation capabilities that could provide rapid support for the new manufacturing processes. CADfix, the leading software solution for CAD model translation, repair and simplification, has provided a customizable user interface framework for the Symbioinca Co-Engineering Platform, and real-time geometry processing at multiple stages of the Symbionica manufacturing process.