MADE4LO project for mining and metal industry

Image: Tenova -

A “widespread” factory for the development of metal 3D printing technology is the objective of the project Metal AdditivE for LOmbardy (MADE4LO), which will start in the upcoming autumn under the leadership of Tenova, international company specialized in the development of innovative solutions for the mining and metal industry.

The ultimate goal of this pilot project is to cover the entire value chain – from equipment supply to the finished product – creating a new model of factory based on 3D manufacturing, network infrastructure and digital processes accessible to several partners, and intensive training activities of the technical staff involved.

The project, partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund, will last 30 months for a total investment of €6.6 M, involving eleven partners from Lombardy, north-western Italian region, specifically two Universities (Politecnico di Milano and Università di Pavia), three Big Industries (Tenova, BLM, and GF Machining Solutions), and six SMEs (TTM Laser, 3D-NT, GFM, Fubri, Co. Stamp, and Officine Meccaniche G. Lafranconi).