Mercedes-Benz Trucks celebrate its premiere

Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz Trucks has taken 3D printing a stage further: the first printed spare part made of metal, a thermostat cover for truck and Unimog models from older model series, have passed all the stages of the stringent quality assurance process at Mercedes-Benz smoothly, and is now celebrating its premiere.

Metal parts from the 3D printer excel with their very high strength and thermal resistance, and the process is therefore particularly suitable for the production of mechanically and thermally stressed components required in small numbers.

The new thermostat cover is an example of cost-effective spare and special parts production in top quality, made possible by use of the 3D printing process for highly resistant metal parts made of die-cast aluminium alloy. Thanks to advancing digitisation, even highly specific metal components can be ordered from Mercedes-Benz Trucks and delivered anywhere in the world on request, even after many years: quickly, cost-effectively, in requisite numbers and in consistently high OEM quality.