New low-cost 3D printer to print large volumes

Umeå Arts Campus. Image: Umeå University website -

Sliperiet at Umeå Arts Campus is in the process of making a 3D printed Tower of Babel using a novel hanging printer. This offers a low-cost solution and increased flexibility to print large volumes.

A new type of 3D printer has been demonstrated at Sliperiet, Umeå Arts Campus. Suspended on thin fishing lines, ‘Hangprinter’ is currently making a Tower of Babel as part of the +Project innovation initiative. The machine’s spiderlike set up does not depend on a box, frame or rails; the printer can instead be attached to any stable surface, opening up a number of opportunities.

The Tower of Babel already measures almost three-and-a-half metres – not only the tallest object made by the Hangprinter so far, but much taller than the scope of any commercially available large format printer.

The printer can be put together for around EUR 200, a fraction of the cost of other large format printers.