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3DOM USA launches Biome3D in US

3Dom USA has launched Biome3D, a biodegradable thermoplastic made from plant starches, allows easy processing and gives a superior print finish with much higher printing speeds.

3D printed tailor-made eyewear

Boulton Eyewear has started tailoring all their frames to each individual customer. Being inspired by 3D printing and the benefits the technique offers, Boulton started designing and making their own tailor-made eyewear.

Growth expected in European machine tool production

CECIMO’s Economic Committee says that the value of European machine tool production has increased to 22.8 billion euro in 2014 and that European machine tool consumption is expected to continue to grow in 2015.

New UP Box 3D Printer arrives at CREAT3D

UP Box is the latest generation of desktop 3D printers from the UP range. According to CREAT3D, UP Box is a great all-round 3D printer with a specialist capability in ABS prints.

Floreon3D four times tougher than PLA

Floreon, an innovative UK bioplastics company has developed a new bioplastic 3D printing filament, Floreon3D, which is four times tougher than conventional polylactic acid (PLA).

AM Simulation offered by ModuleWorks

ModuleWorks, a CAD/CAM components supplier for 3-5-axis toolpath generation and simulation has launched a simulation option for hybrid additive/subtractive manufacturing applications.

Sharebot added two new 3D printing materials

Sharebot added two new filaments to its materials supply: a special nylon, called Nylforce 550, and Nylon-Carbon, which is a light and resistant material created with nylon and carbon fibres.

Department of Defense awards $365K to YSU for state-of-the-art 3D printer

Youngstown State University will be awarded a $365,000 grant from the Department of Defence (DoD) for the purchase of a 3D printer, in order to enhance YSU’s additive manufacturing research and educational capabilities.

FIT Technology Group orders two Arcam Q20 systems

Arcam AB received an order for two Arcam Q20 systems from FIT Technology Group in Germany.

AMEC: Industry pleads for an ambitious European industrial strategy

CECIMO industries recently organized the Additive Manufacturing European Conference (AMEC) at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Artec scanner in robotic arm scans smallest details of engine

Artec provides its clients with handheld ‘Spider’ scanners that have not only been designed to fit well in the hand, but can also easily be integrated into robotic systems.

Simplify3D releases version 3.0 of 3D printing software

Simplify3D released version 3.0 of 3D printing software. Simplify3D 3.0 is the biggest release since its software launch in 2013 and has over forty new features.

National Additive Centre and Aerospace Research Centre formally opened

A Government and industry funded National Centre for Additive Manufacturing and Aerospace Research Centre was formally opened at the MTC in Coventry.

Viridis3D launches RAM10™ 3D Printer materials development kit

Viridis3D LLC released an open materials development system, the RAM10™ 3D Printer Materials Development Kit.

The Prince’s Trust and Boeing launch new advanced manufacturing training drive

Youth charity The Prince’s Trust, aerospace giant Boeing and the AMRC have joined to help develop young people’s professional skills in the area of advanced manufacturing.