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Frank Herzog and his wife Kerstin

The ‘Metal Head’: From leaving school to pioneering in 3D printing...

Frank Herzog - the 'metal head' - is the founder and CEO of Concept Laser, a pioneer in the 3D printing industry and industrial additive manufacturing. Concept Laser's equipment is capable of manufacturing delicate jewellery and dental implants, as well as powerful engine blocks for trucks (see video).

Join the 3D fab+print group on LinkedIn

The 3D fab+print group on LinkedIn offers professionals an online networking platform to share thoughts, challenges, and experiences with respect to 3D printing / additive manufacturing.
Pictured: thermal image at 60 degrees Celsius (left), and ‘fully additive’ 3D printed heater.

Towards fully additive 3D printed electronics with Neotech

Neotech AMT GmbH is a leading company developing manufacturing technologies for 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE). To expand on the capabilities for fully additive 3D Printed Electronics, Neotech AMT GmbH is involved in two new major projects.
Image source: Cytosurge.com

3D Printing gold objects out of water solution … modern alchemy?

Converting base metals into noble ones is something many have been trying for ages already. With FluidFM, Cytosurge has gone beyond, by converting ‘water’ into finite noble metal sub-micron objects. With the FluidFM µ3Dprinter various metals such as Ag, Cu, Au, and Pt can be printed.
metal-based additive manufacturing

Metal-based additive manufacturing technology for professional applications

Additive manufacturing with metal is one of the most complex and impressive production processes in the world. The technology of so-called metallic 3D printing is gaining importance in the industrial field. Recently 3D fab+print spoke with Mr Gregor Graf and Mr Stefan Ritt from SLM Solutions about this and many other topics.
Engineering simulation by SimScale GmbH

Engineering Simulation – Shaping the Future of 3D Printing

One technology that is often referred to in the context of additive manufacturing and 3D printing is engineering simulation. In contrast to additive manufacturing – which can directly create physical products from virtual designs – engineering simulation allows engineering professionals to virtually investigate the behavior of products and assemblies.
Image taken by Jordi Rietman at Sciaky stand Euromold 2015

Should you implement additive manufacturing?

With all the news about 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing a sort of FoMO is spreading. To help companies decide if they should implement 3D printing into their business, 3D fab+print summarised what you need to consider in order to decide whether your business could currently benefit from additive manufacturing.
Spider bracket, Altair

Additive design still needs to hit home in everyone’s minds as...

Altair Engineering GmbH develops a software that guides construction engineers toward an optimal design for additive manufacturing by virtue of numerical methods and artificial intelligence. In this interview, manager Dr. Pietro Cervellera explains where he sees the biggest advantages as well as weaknesses of additive manufacturing.
Sinterit introduces powder sieve to complement the Lisa 3D printer

With the new sieve, Sinterit introduces the first end-to-end SLS desktop...

SPONSORED CONTENT Sinterit, the manufacturer of the first desktop laser sintering 3D printer, now offers a sieve that cleans the powder and facilitates multiple uses...
Hub Dohmen, Lawyer at Dohmen Advocaten

The 3D Print Copyshop and Copyright

In my previous blog, I have discussed copyright and the situation of 3D print service providers in this respect. I wrote that the 3D print service provider that allows employees to scan everything the commerciall acting customer provides, is facing a problem, and that this also applies to the printing of a file from the customer by an employee.
Dr. Ole Bröker

Potentials in the design of additive components rarely get exploited

trinckle 3D GmbH develops software for additive manufacturing. Customers of the Berlin start-up can individualize 3D components with their cloud software in a mostly automated design process, while also involving their final customers.
drupa 2020 - embrace the future

Global print industry invited to drupa 2020

The race is on for drupa 2020, the international flagship fair for printing technologies. Exhibitors from all over the world are invited to present their innovations from 16 until 26 June 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany: online registration for exhibitors via www.drupa.com is now open.
3D print service providers and copyright

3D print service providers and copyright (B2B)

Seen from a legal perspective, 3D print service providers are in a special position. Lawyer Hub Dohmen discusses this with a focus on copyright, IP law that has quite a lot in common with the subject.
Stephan Kühr, founder and manager 3YOURMIND GmbH

Many businesses are interested in 3D printing but they don’t know...

The company 3YOURMIND GmbH focuses on efficient workflows in additive manufacturing. On their web platform, users can first do a plausibility check for their 3D construction, then look for a suitable manufacturing services provider.
Additive manufacturing and smart manufacturing event organised by GABA

Additive manufacturing and smart manufacturing event organised by GABA

On Wednesday, May 10, GABA – the German American Business Association – organise an event on how additive manufacturing and smart manufacturing are revolutionising the world. Manufacturers will be challenged to learn from their data not only to gain an edge in production, but to develop adaptive complementary options and services for their products, generating new revenue streams.