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Nextstep3d was present at RapidPro 2017

RapidPro 2017: from design to manufacturing

Held from 7 to 9 March in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, the 2017 issue of RapidPro drew leading organisations and speakers to the expo and parallel conference.
Shapeways receives DLP Station from atum3D

Shapeways receives DLP Station from atum3D

atum3D is a leading company in 3D manufacturing solutions based on DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. At last years’ formnext exhibition in Frankfurt, atum3D invited visitors to their booth to enter a raffle by submitting their contact details.
Additive Industries presents competitive entry model MetalFAB1

Additive Industries presents competitive entry model MetalFAB1

At the Additive World Conference 2017 Additive Industries has presented a new entry-level model of its MetalFAB1 industrial 3D metal printing system. The system is specifically developed for process & application development and prototyping.
Marco Müller-ter Jung

DWF Germany organise forum on 3D printing and law

3D Printing creates specific legal issues that have to be taken into account and law firm DWF Germany is very active in educating on exactly this matter.

Choose the 3D printer that fits your purposes

Choosing a 3D printer for your business can be a challenge. Rather than trying to get an overview of everything that is on the market, first and foremost get a clear view of what it is that you need, since the value of a 3D printer depends on whether or not the machine fits your purposes.
Additive World Conference 2017

Additive World Conference 2017

The 5th edition of Additive Industries’ annual Additive World Conference will be organized on Wednesday March 15th and Thursday March 16th 2017.
Photo Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

3D fab+print will be present at EuroShop in Germany

EuroShop is the place to be for professionals in retail. As the world’s biggest retail tradeshow, the event provides an ideal platform for companies to demonstrate how the (3D printing) technology they offer can be beneficial to other professionals.
Turbine blade

Producing critical components with Arcam’s Metal Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is steadily gaining acceptance for production of critical components in various industries. In the forefront of the development in the Metal Additive Manufacturing sphere is Arcam, who experience an increasing number of production applications for their EBM (Electron Beam Melting) process
Massivit 3D is set to demonstrate how its large format 3D printing technology is elevating traditional retail and advertising campaigns to a new dimension at EuroShop

Massivit at EuroShop to demonstrate how 3D printing is transforming retail...

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies will be present at EuroShop to demonstrate how its 3D printing technology is transforming the way advertising, high-level marketing, and themed projects are created.

RapidPro 2017

RapidPro has acquired a prominent place in the exhibition landscape in recent years. In this years’ edition the organisers want to put special emphasis on the business case, because – whilst technologically a lot is possible – this is where the biggest challenges surface at the moment.
Chaim Goldberg creating a hand-engraved image on a copper plate. Photo by Shalom Goldberg (Source: Wikimedia)

Things to learn in this age of technology

What will become of traditional professionals, such as engravers and providers of machining services? Will they still have work? Itamar Yona from Aviv3D elaborates on these question of what will become of traditional professionals in the 3D printing era.
Hub Dohmen, Lawyer at Dohmen Advocaten

3D Printing and Intellectual Property

What is actually considered intellectual property with respect to 3D printing? Plenty of things can be told about the various types of intellectual property in relation to 3D printing; herewith a brief overview.
Non-assembly mechanisms in additive manufacturing

Non-assembly mechanisms in additive manufacturing

In the September/October 2016 edition of 3D fab+print magazine Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gebhardt, Dean of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany wrote an interesting article about non-assembly mechanisms.
Specialists Hasan and Roeland tell the participants about the role of a 3D printer in the engineering process and why the dddrop printer is suitable for this.

3D printing for engineers

Would you like to learn more about what 3D printing can mean for you as an engineer? The company dddrop designed information sessions in The Netherlands to tell engineers everything they need to know about 3D printing. Recently another ‘3D printing for engineers’ event took place and 3D fab+print was eager to learn more about this.
DigiFabster_Constantine Ivanov

The future of 3D printing CRM’s

Back in 2015, Constantine Ivanov, Co-founder & CEO of DigiFabster wrote an article about the unrealized potential of 3D printing and in his introduction he stated: “A disruptive industry, in need of disruption and innovation”. In theory 3D printing is great, in practice there is still a lot to be won.