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3D printing titanium in aerospace

Most activity in the titanium metal industry is being driven by increased demand from the aerospace industry. As jet engines burn at ever higher temperatures to improve speed and efficiency, titanium use will increase. Its use in airframes will be driven largely by increased use of CFCs.
discussion on legal and technical aspects at the Association of German Engineers

Current discussion on legal and technical aspects at the Association of...

An insight into the work of the technical committee 105.5 (FA 105.5) named ‘Legal Aspects of Additive Manufacturing’, which was formed within The Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure or ‘VDI’) in 2016. This technical committee is comprised of legal experts, engineers, technicians, scientists and company managers working in the sector of advanced manufacturing.

Lighter titanium inserts for spacecraft with metal 3D printing

In a never-ending search for lighter and more durable components, the aerospace and aeronautics industry is a real driver for reliable manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art engineering. Through their Certified Additive Manufacturing process backed by certifications EASA Part 21G and EN9100, Materialise Manufacturing offers cost-effective solutions for rapid prototyping as well as manufacturing of end-use components.

3D printing stimulates titanium industry

The greatest stimulus to the titanium industry has been the meteoric rise of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing (AM). AM is extending rapidly to embrace a wide range of products made of an increasing number of materials, including nano-materials such as the super-strong graphene.

Fully additive: Towards 3D Printed Mechatronic Systems – Part II

Rapidly maturing processing technologies are also allowing 3D Printing to increasingly compete on an economic basis and the first low volume manufacturing applications are emerging. Adding electronics functionality to 3D Printed parts to produce complete mechatronic systems is the next logical step in this evolution.

The ‘Metal Head’: From leaving school to pioneering in 3D printing...

In 2000, Concept Laser was founded by Frank and Kerstin in a small area of a factory, where the construction of the very first machine was conducted. In the following year, the first laser-driven 3D printer for metals was presented at Euromold in Frankfurt.

Volumatik gives volume to 3D printing ideas

When it comes to 3D fabrication and printing, Volumatik brings everything together in one place. The company works with an international team as well as with freelance professionals around the globe, to offer assistance to any type of customer.

Fully Additive: Towards 3D Printed Mechatronic Systems – part 1

3D Printing of structural components in polymers, metals and ceramics is becoming well established industry driven by the unique freedom of design benefits that are unattainable with other traditional manufacturing techniques.

The ‘Metal Head’: From leaving school to pioneering in 3D printing...

This is part II of the story behind Concept Laser: 'Metal Head' Frank Herzog decides to 'compromise' and joins a prototype shop in the neighbourhood, that belongs to Kerstin’s uncle Robert Hofmann. This decision changed his life.

IKEA to launch mass produced 3D printed collection

IKEA was already taking steps into the world of 3D printing and is going to step it up with mass produced 3D printed objects. The collection is called OMEDELBAR, which is Swedish for immediate, direct (without intermediary or middle man). IKEA is collaborating on this project with Bea Åkerlund, stylist of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

Additive Industries selected most promising young technology company

This year it is the third time that Dutch National newspaper has set out to identify new champions in the Dutch corporate life. Additive Industries has been selected as the winner among eight ‘New Champions’ by Dutch National newspaper ‘Financieele Dagblad’.
Frank Herzog and his wife Kerstin

The ‘Metal Head’: From leaving school to pioneering in 3D printing...

Frank Herzog - the 'metal head' - is the founder and CEO of Concept Laser, a pioneer in the 3D printing industry and industrial additive manufacturing. Concept Laser's equipment is capable of manufacturing delicate jewellery and dental implants, as well as powerful engine blocks for trucks (see video).

Join the 3D fab+print group on LinkedIn

The 3D fab+print group on LinkedIn offers professionals an online networking platform to share thoughts, challenges, and experiences with respect to 3D printing / additive manufacturing.
Pictured: thermal image at 60 degrees Celsius (left), and ‘fully additive’ 3D printed heater.

Towards fully additive 3D printed electronics with Neotech

Neotech AMT GmbH is a leading company developing manufacturing technologies for 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE). To expand on the capabilities for fully additive 3D Printed Electronics, Neotech AMT GmbH is involved in two new major projects.
Image source: Cytosurge.com

3D Printing gold objects out of water solution … modern alchemy?

Converting base metals into noble ones is something many have been trying for ages already. With FluidFM, Cytosurge has gone beyond, by converting ‘water’ into finite noble metal sub-micron objects. With the FluidFM µ3Dprinter various metals such as Ag, Cu, Au, and Pt can be printed.