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header image 4D printing heading to become the rage

4D printing heading to become the rage?

Looking at new possibilities in the additive manufacturing market with 4D printing. As the editor of the 3D fab+print magazine, I get the opportunity to...
header image of blog think big print big

Think big, print big

It is beautiful to get in contact with organisations that are not only commercially active, but also idealistic when it comes to what can...

¿Why is polyamide so important?

A short blog by Djamila Olivier González explaining the importance of polyamides resins.
3D Printing for outer space

New 3D printing process heading for use in outer space?

It seems that developments within the added manufacturing industry follow one another up increasingly quickly at present as new products are established and new...
3D metal and alloys printing

New ways to print 3D metals and alloys

One thing that you can be certain of in the fascinating world of 3D printing is that whilst things do not happen completely overnight,...
additive manufacturing in outer space developements

Outer space developments in AM by Lockheed Martin

Whether it’s at work beneath our feet or thousands of miles above our heads, additive manufacturing has emerged as a game changing technology that...
scientists working in the lab

Producing cost-effective engine components for Airbus

Despite low oil prices at present, it is still very much a prime aim of aerospace manufacturers to reduce the weight of aircraft and...
Cranial implants produced with AM by EOS

Alphaform’s precision-fit cranial implants produced with additive manufacturing by EOS

Additive manufacturing is increasingly playing an important role in the medical world, providing solutions to challenges, which could only be dreamed of a few...
law book

Are you aware of legal requirements when using 3D printing technology?

Klaus M. Brisch and Marco Müller–ter Jung of BridgehouseLaw, Germany, discussed some of the pertinent legal requirements when using 3D printing technology.
3D fab+print magazine photo Jordi Rietman

Legal implications of 3D printing in 3D fab+print magazine

The best stories are told by the people that are professionally involved in the field of 3D printing and all its implications themselves. In the first edition lawyer Hub Dohmen tells about how he got professionally involved in the legal aspects of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and what these entail.

Filament recycling

3DPA members Arca Somni from Croatia believe that filament recycling should be followed by all makers. Inspired by 3D Hubs and their initiative to recycle filament.

Renishaw lowers the entry barrier to metal 3D printing

Renishaw sets up a global network of Renishaw Solutions Centres for metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM). Renishaw's vision is to make AM a mainstream manufacturing technology.

Research on self-healing alloys for AM

Ilika has been awarded a £466,000 grant for research and technology, as part of a lead role in a £2.15M, 3-year collaborative project with Reliance Precision Engineering.

LPW takes inspired minds to TCT event

LPW declares a partnership with Riverside College,to ensure the engineering students of the future will have developed the necessary skills and awareness to secure successful careers.

ORNL integrates 3D-printed building vehicle

A research demonstration was unveiled at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory(ORNL) combining clean energy technologies into a 3D-printed building.