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3D printing of soft matter

3D printing of soft matter

Tommy Angelini, a University of Florida researcher explores different techniques for 3D printing and has invented a method for manufacturing materials as soft as a cloud.
AMR Europe MarkOne 3D printer

AMR Europe talks about new 3D printer

AMR Europe is a distributor of various high-end 3D printing systems and develops new additive manufacturing materials and applications.

Cost effective high performing 3D printing

3D printing or AM technology, facilitates the production of objects of any shape without the limitations associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

Delcam demonstrates PowerSHAPE at EMO

Delcam demonstrates PowerSHAPE Pro 2016, the latest version of its Reverse Engineering and Modelling for Manufacture software at Emo 2015 in Milan.

Airbus designs short airfield package

A team at Airbus’ facility in Filton, UK, has designed, built and tested a performance-enhancing component as an alternative for the A320neo.

Clayton and ORNL team up

The Clayton home building group (Clayton) and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have teamed up with two other companies to design and build a 3D printed concept home, showcasing the possibilities of 3D printing and illustrating advancements in energy management.

Product design via 3D printing

Through the use of 3D printing, product designers can enable the consumer to design their own everyday products thereby creating more meaningful products for people and more value for companies.

WSU finalist in NASA mission

Student’s team from Washington State University is in New York as one of 30 national finalists in NASA’s USD 2.5M 3D Printed Habitat Challenge to design an environment for Mars exploration using robotics and 3D printers.

DeeGreen goes global

be3D, a Y Soft company, declares new functionality of DeeGreen, an affordable, tabletop 3D printer for rapid prototyping.
Roboze One professional 3D printer

Roboze One professional 3D printer

Roboze One steps into the market of professional 3D printers. Roboze One was designed to offer professionals a high performance machine at an accessible price.
3D fab+print magazine photo Jordi Rietman

Legal implications of 3D printing in 3D fab+print magazine

The best stories are told by the people that are professionally involved in the field of 3D printing and all its implications themselves. In the first edition lawyer Hub Dohmen tells about how he got professionally involved in the legal aspects of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and what these entail.

Advanced AM courses at UL Northbrook

The UL 3D Printing team completes the preparations for the debut of three new advanced Additive Manufacturing (AM) courses.

Filament recycling

3DPA members Arca Somni from Croatia believe that filament recycling should be followed by all makers. Inspired by 3D Hubs and their initiative to recycle filament.

Fonon acquires manufacturing capability

Fonon Corporation declares the acquisition of FTL, LLC supporting the company’s ‘2015 Reorganization Plan’ transitioning from a development stage to a sustainable growth stage company.

BLDRmetal™ powders for binder jet 3D printing

NanoSteel®, one of the leaders in Nano-structured steel materials design introduces the company’s first powders designed for the binder jet 3D printing process.