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Airwolf 3D introduces Wolfbite NITRO™

Airwolf 3D has recently introduced the Wolfbite NITRO™, a superior solution specifically engineered to bond Nylon and Nylon Alloy/Polymer blend parts straight to glass 3D printer build plates without lifting and to enable smooth release of objects after printing.

Panalpina, Cardiff school expand research

Panalpina and Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University in Wales (UK), had set out to search for the ‘hidden formula’ for lean inventories three years ago. This innovative partnership between the university and the global logistics and freight forwarding company had allowed the company to launch D2ID, a new inventory forecasting application.

Hyrel 3D launches new SDS extruder

Hyrel 3D has recently launched Syringe Delivery System (SDS) line of extruders. The SDS is the result of Hyrel’s close involvement with research teams on five continents.

New science center addresses various needs

The newest residents of the University City Science Centre’s Port business incubator, right from 3D printing to medical imaging software, are developing the next generation of healthcare and technology solutions. ConquerAb, Immunome, Orange Maker and Keosys are each occupying lab and office space.

ANSYS unveils ANSYS® 17.0

ANSYS has recently released its new ANSYS® 17.0, engineers across disciplines, from structures to fluids to electromagnetics to systems will realize step-change improvements in the way they develop products using the newly released ANSYS® 17.0.

Ipsen ships four furnaces and one upgrade

Ipsen has shipped four furnaces and one upgrade for use in a variety of applications and industries over the past few months. These shipments include three TITAN® vacuum furnaces that was shipped within two weeks of time; a horizontal MetalMaster® vacuum furnace; and a custom furnace upgrade.

AMUG declares keynote speakers for 2016

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has recently declared its featured keynote speakers for 2016 AMUG Education & Training Conference, which will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, from April 3 – 7, 2016.

New way 3D bioprinting with acoustic tweezers

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University President Subra Suresh and collaborators Tony Jun Huang from the Pennsylvania State University and Ming Dao from MIT, have demonstrated that acoustic tweezers can be used to non-invasively move and manipulate single cells along three dimensions, providing new method for 3D bioprinting.

Airwolf 3D unveils AXIOM extruder 3D printer

Airwolf 3D has unveiled the AXIOM 2, a new professional dual extruder 3D printer targeted at advanced 3D printing applications. The AXIOM 2 Dual Extruder 3D Printer debuts at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2016 Show on February 9 – 11, 2016 at Anaheim California Convention Centre.

Sigma Labs and 3DSIM sign agreement for Metal AM

Sigma Labs, Inc., a developer of advanced, in process, non-destructive quality inspection systems for metal-based additive manufacturing (“AM”) and other advanced manufacturing technologies, has recently entered into a technology development agreement with 3DSIM to pursue commercial metal AM software opportunities for rapid qualification and part certification.

Prodways signs 2 new partnership agreements

In France, Prodways has recently signed a sales partnership with the company Document Store who based on their strong 15-year experience, has decided to commit in the new revolution of 3d printing with Prodways.

Scientists take 3D printing technology to the 4th dimension

A team of scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has evolved their microscale 3D printing technology to the fourth dimension, time.

Nanoscribe wins World Technology Award 2015

Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Nanoscribe has recently been the recipient of the World Technology Award 2015 by the World Technology Network in New York (NY, USA).

Fuel3D launches Fuel3D Studio 2.1

Fuel3D, a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, has recently launched Fuel3D Studio 2.1, the latest version of its software for processing and manipulating 3D scan data captured by the company’s SCANIFY product. Two major developments include improved Z-axis precision and the ability to process scan data in the cloud.

GSC to expand new technology center

Graphics Systems Corp. (GSC), one of the leading provider of 3D engineering solutions and services, has recently stated plans to expand its Menomonee Falls, WI headquarters to a new state-of-the-art facility in Germantown, WI.