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Kabuku debuts Rinkak 3D avatar printing

Kabuku debuts the Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution, a 3D printing service for in-app customized characters, to the next level of immersion and demonstrates the future of gaming.

Prof. Kieback is awarded William Johnson Gold Medal

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kieback, the Dresden materials scientist has been awarded the William Johnson International Gold Medal at the Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies Conference AMPT in Madrid.

Canada Makes adds University of Ottawa

Canada Makes has added the University of Ottawa to its list of world-class academic institution that has joined the additive manufacturing network.

3D printing one off case mods

3D printing isn’t anything new but, its uses are. The PC case modding industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. Case modding is an industry where artisans craft custom computer cases that become an extension of their personality. It’s only a matter of time before the two industries collide to create true one off mods.

QUT project to develop bio-inks

An exciting new project is being developed by QUT to develop sophisticated bio-inks to address the challenge of supplying nutrients and removing waste products from 3D printed replacement body organs.

Norsk Titanium achieves TRL 8

Norsk Titanium AS has declared that the company has achieved Technology Readiness Level Eight (TRL 8) by concluding a test plan coordinated through the Federal Aviation Administration.

NASA team builds 3D printed rocket engine

NASA team has moved a step closer in building a complete 3D printed, high-performance rocket engine by manufacturing complex engine parts and test firing them together with cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen to produce 20,000 pounds of thrust.

RCBI offers 3D printing workshops for educators

The Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI) is offering a series of workshops called “Shaping Education: 3D Printing in the Classroom” for educators.

Materialise collaborates with Onshape for 3DPrintCloud

Materialise, an additive manufacturing software and solutions provider, is collaborating with the full-cloud 3D CAD system, Onshape to integrate 3D Printing functionality into their platform.

Thales creates new metal AM centre in Morocco

Thales has decided to create a new high-tech industrial competence centre specialising in metal additive manufacturing in Casablanca, as one of three main areas of cooperation between Thales and Morocco.

Voxeljet expands to 3D printing market in China

Voxeljet, the German manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems, has signed an agreement to form a joint venture, voxeljet China Ltd, with Suzhou Meimai Fast Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. to pursue opportunities

Print-Rite 3D printing helps students with research design

A group of mechanical engineering students enthusiastically shared their use of Print-Rite 3D printers and one of the project teams excitedly introduced 3D printing as the medical improvement in the Department of orthopedics.

Plymovent sponsors steel bridge 3D printing project

Plymovent, one of leading global clean air companies, provides an advanced weld fume removal solution to MX3D [http://mx3d.com/] which 3D prints the construction of a metal bridge to be placed in the center of Amsterdam.

Titan Robotics introduces Atlas 2.0

Titan Robotics has introduced Atlas 2.0 an innovative large format 3D printer with increased space and heated enclosures. Since the inception of their large format 3D printer, The Atlas, Titan Robotics has rigorously tested their machines and has made many improvements to an already proven machine.

EOS-founder invests in 3YOURMIND GmbH

3YOURMIND GmbH, a spin-off company of the Technical University of Berlin, successfully completed its 2nd financing round and will obtain a seven digit sum for business expansion and rapid internationalization within the scope of a capital increase.