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3D Systems partners with leading U.S. CAD/CAM solutions partner

3D Systems has recently announced the addition of MLC CAD Systems, one of the leading providers of CAD/CAM solutions in the US, as its newest partner.

Silica ‘spiky screws’ could enhance industrial coatings additive manufacturing

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed a molecular process to improve silica structure’s design by introducing microscopic, segmented screw-like spikes that can more effectively bond materials.

Department of Defense awards $365K to YSU for state-of-the-art 3D printer

Youngstown State University will be awarded a $365,000 grant from the Department of Defence (DoD) for the purchase of a 3D printer, in order to enhance YSU’s additive manufacturing research and educational capabilities.

UK’s first-ever desktop carbon fibre 3D printer unveiled

CREAT3D launched UK’s first-ever high strength desktop 3D composite printer at Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE).

ExOne qualifies ‘Water Wash-out Tooling’ process for 3D

ExOne has qualified a new application for its additive manufacturing process, Water Wash-out Tooling, designed to help in the development of manufacturing and composite tooling.

FIT Technology Group orders two Arcam Q20 systems

Arcam AB received an order for two Arcam Q20 systems from FIT Technology Group in Germany.

Create it REAL partners with Weistek for desktop 3D printers

Create it REAL, a Danish 3D printing technology provider, partners up with Weistek, a Chinese 3D Printer manufacturer, to develop a super-fast desktop 3D Printer.

New world-leading additive manufacturing research lab

A lab with world-leading state-of-the-art machinery, to explore exciting developments in multifunctional 3D printing and its real world applications, has been unveiled to emphasise The University of Nottingham’s global reputation for research in additive manufacturing.

AMEC: Industry pleads for an ambitious European industrial strategy

CECIMO industries recently organized the Additive Manufacturing European Conference (AMEC) at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Bulk additive manufacturing cell ready for building

Nuclear AMRC now provides world-leading capabilities in bulk additive manufacturing, with the installation of an automated cell built by Kuka Systems UK. The new facility is funded by the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

Global 3D printing market expected to soar by 2025

Smithers Pira’s new report, The Future of 3D Printing to 2025, estimates the value of the global 3D printing market at $4 billion in 2014 and is expected to increase to $5.9 billion in 2015 and grow to $49.1 billion by 2025, representing a CAGR of 23.7%.
Dr. Jamil Aboulhosn (left) and Dr. Daniel Levi, holding the 3D model.

UCLA cardiologists use 3D model to help tricky heart valve replacement

A 3D printed model has been used by UCLA doctors to guide a tricky heart valve replacement before the actual procedure.
The actuator developed by the Max Planck researchers has a honeycombed cellular structure. The walls of the cells are made of a non-swellable polymer; a swellable polymer fills the interior of the chambers. If the pressure inside the cells increases, for example, because the swellable polymer absorbs liquids, the structure expands in one direction. © Advanced Materials Interfaces/ MPI of Colloids and Interfaces

Actuators similar to plants researched with advanced 3D printing technology

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute and Harvard University have devised porous materials that could serve as actuators, or motors.

Artec scanner in robotic arm scans smallest details of engine

Artec provides its clients with handheld ‘Spider’ scanners that have not only been designed to fit well in the hand, but can also easily be integrated into robotic systems.

3D printing house project started at Umeå University

Sliperiet, a part of Umeå University at Umeå Arts Campus, has started a large innovation project worth of SEK 35 million, with researchers and external partners for developing a technology to make full-scale 3D prints of cellulose based material, with an objective to make houses.