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Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT for micro optics

The German company, Nanoscribe develops and produces high-precision 3D printing solutions enabling research and industry to innovate by additive manufacturing.

Spirit and Norsk jointly enters into aerospace industry

Spirit AeroSystems and Norsk Titanium AS have entered into a commercial agreement to produce 3D-printed structural titanium components for the commercial aerospace industry. Norsk...

NTU and PTTGC develop advanced 3D – automotive industry

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Thailand’s PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) collaborate to develop advanced 3D printing materials for the next-generation automotive industry.

EOS releases EOSTATE Exposure OT

EOS, the world's leading technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, is expanding its EOSTATE monitoring suite to include an additional tool. EOSTATE Exposure OT, the first commercial system for optical tomography worldwide, now provides real-time, camera-based monitoring of the additive, metal-based build process, based on the EOS M 290 system.

Medical professionals partners with Materialise – trials

Cardiovascular medical device developers across the United States have partnered with Materialise, using the company’s 3D printing software and services to improve outcomes and efficiency in these extensive and often costly trials and help bring innovations to market.

Aachen Center & Co. launched SLM-XL unit – 3D printing

For their joint project, the Aachen Center for 3D printing, the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT have ambitious plans.

Sciaky showcased EBAM® Tech at Paris Air Show

Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI), and leading provider of metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, will showcase its industry-leading Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM®) technology at the 52nd International Air Show.

Prodways’ new RAF technology

Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, has introduced its new RAF Technology (Rapid Additive Forging) for the 3D metal printing of large titanium parts.

Thermwood adds features to LSAM Print3D

Thermwood has added significant new capabilities to its LSAM Print3D additive manufacturing software.

Verbatim unveils BVOH for 3D printing objects

Verbatim, part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, has launched a high-performance water-soluble support material, Butenediol Vinyl Alcohol Co-polymer (BVOH), for quick and successful printing of complex objects with overhangs using dual extrusion 3D printers.

TIS Students work together to create 3D prosthetic hand

During a Maker Faire in Hong Kong, Mr Voykin discovered a project by an organization called “e-Nnable” which is a community made up of individuals from all over the world who create free 3D printed hands, arms and fingers for those who were either born without or lost upper limbs due to war, disease or natural disasters.

EnvisionTEC publicize M-Tray for Desktop 3D Printers

EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of desktop and full-production 3D printers and materials, has announced a cost-saving, disposable material tray for its premium desktop 3D printers at JCK Las Vegas, the jewelry industry’s premier trade show.

South Carolina released SPINE Mentor – Spine Surgery

South Carolina – 3D Systems has announced the release of the Simbionix SPINE Mentor, a hands-on simulated training and practice tool for minimally invasive spine surgeries.

ONR awards Swanson School for exploring next gen AM

Thanks to a three-year, USD 449,000 award from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering will explore next-generation metals, especially steel, for use in AM.

EOS launches LCS group for customer support

In working with customers, EOS North America, the world's leading technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, found that inadequate training accounts for nearly 50 percent of the average AM system's untapped potential.