Pedro spearheads research into the design of AM

Professor Pedro Rivera
Professor Pedro Rivera

A new research chair at Lancaster University will seek to advance knowledge and technologies for the additive manufacturing of metals.

Professor Pedro Rivera has been appointed to the newly-created position of LWP/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chain in ‘Alloy and microstructure design for additive layer manufacturing’.

Professor Rivera will spearhead research into the design structure of alloys, optimising them for use in additive manufacturing.

This work will include developing statistical models that take account of powder size, composition and atmospheric conditions with component properties such as strength, ductility, hardness and corrosion.

Understanding new techniques such as these will help maintain the UK’s position at the Global cutting-edge of high-quality, low volume manufacturing.

The new role has been supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with a leading manufacturer, LWP Technology Ltd. As part of the partnership, LPW will provide researchers with access to its world-class additive manufacturing PowderLab to undertake full characterisation of the metal powder alloys and material testing. LWP’s software tools will also provide the necessary data to inform the research goals.