Prodways acquires Exceltec

Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorge, which has recently launched ProMaker P series range of printers has aquiried Exceltec, a company involved in the development and distribution of polymer materials for 3D printing using selective laser sintering for industrial applications.

“We want to change the game. We are convinced that the future of 3D printing lies in high performance materials specially designed for large capacity industrial solutions, while keeping production costs under control and optimized”, confirmed Olivier Coulet, director and founder of Exceltec.

Exceltec develops polymer materials for the demanding applications, such as aeronautics and the medical sector, in order to meet the challenges of selective laser sintering in an optimal and reliable way. Exceltec is a supplier of selective laser sintering materials and also provides its expertise through a consulting program for major international groups and service bureau companies.