Prodways markets new laser sintering printers

In the continuity of the technological partnership signed with Farsoon at the end of 2015, Prodways is distributing new ProMaker P4500 series « powered by Farsoon » which stands out from current standards for its high productivity for reduced operating cost. The ProMaker P4500 series meets industrial needs by offering impressive build rates, made possible by its advanced, high-speed digital scanning system and large effective build platform. In 2017, the whole ProMaker P4500 series will be available with new 600 mm cartridge option allowing higher build volume for optimized productivity.

Additionally, the ProMaker P4500 series offers best-in-class thermal stability with an eight-zone heater system and intelligent temperature control technology, providing superior mechanical properties and accuracy for all parts. In line with its strategy across the entire ProMaker P series printer range, Prodways offers a platform strategy open to all materials. This strategy aims to facilitate and speed up innovation, and to develop new materials with high-performance mechanical properties to provide genuine added value to industrial customers and research institutes. ProMaker P4500 series is composed of 4 new laser sintering printers, namely, ProMaker P4500 SD, ProMaker P4500 HS, ProMaker P4500 X and ProMaker P4500 HT.