Prodways signs new partnership agreements

Prodways has recently declared that it’s extending its market coverage to include USA and Poland, and has signed distribution agreements with Nexxt Labs and VPI Polska. The signing of these two new agreements will enable Prodways to further promote and market its 3D printing solutions in USA and Poland and supports its desire to become a key player in the 3D printing sector, throughout the entire value chain, incorporating the development of cutting edge technology and supplying high-quality materials.

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Nexxt Labs has been providing additive manufacturing solutions to companies in the United States since 2010. This partnership will further enhance Nexxt Labs’ offerings to customers and expose the market to a new line of technology for which the industry has been waiting.

In Poland, Prodways has also declared the signing of a new partnership agreement with VPI Polska.

VPI Polska is a company of experts that was established in response to market needs in the fields of advanced virtual prototyping and rapid prototyping. Nexxt Labs in the USA and VPI Polska in Poland are highly regarded partners who will assist in the growth of Prodways in these regions and supports its strategic objective to become the third largest global player, offering multi-technological solutions and a full range of 3D printing services to its customers.