Prodways signs partnership with Farsoon

Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorge, declares the signing of a major partnership with the Chinese company Hunan Farsoon High-Tech, with regards to selective laser sintering technologies for plastic and metal powders. Prodways’ group will eventually develop a full range of plastic and metal printers under the “Prodways powered by Farsoon” line, based on the current range of Farsoon’s machines. These 3D printers will be marketed worldwide by Prodways, together with their related materials.

Farsoon is one of the largest manufacturer in the world for industrial 3D printing machines using selective laser sintering of plastics and develops high quality plastic and metal technologies.

The strategic partnership brings together the acknowledged skills of Dr. Xu, founder of Farsoon and a global reference in the field of selective laser sintering for more than 20 years, and Dr. André-Luc Allanic, co-founder of Prodways and inventor of the MOVINGLight® technology.

Combining the two companies’ R&D resources creates a very powerful research facility, allowing rapid development of selective laser sintering printers using plastic and metal powders, which will be marketed by Prodways worldwide under “Prodways powered by Farsoon” brand.This announcement represents a major stage in Prodways’ technological and geographical development strategy for the market for 3D Printing.