Rapidly growing range of 3D printing materials

3D collimated parts
3D collimated parts

Dr. Rainer Leo Meisel is Senior Manager for Applied Technology Metal Powders at H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH in Laufenberg, Germany. He recently talked about high market dynamics and the rapidly growing range of 3D printing materials.

In the interview Dr. Meisel tells about the role Additive Manufacturing has played at H.C. Starck so far: “Within our group, additive manufacturing plays a large role. In our opinion, it has a lot of perspective as an application, and it is firmly rooted in our company’s strategy.”

The company started early and established a strong market position, a market that is under enormous development, with a tremendous demand for suitable powders. “System manufacturers have a hard time keeping up with the production of systems. And we hear from suppliers of atomizing systems that demand for their products has also risen noticeably,” Dr. Meisel continues.

The powders that H.C. Starck offer for additive manufacturing include various nickel, cobalt, and iron-based alloys. “Our cobalt-chrome alloys have been in use in medical technology for many years,” says Dr. Meisel. “We also offer various high-quality aviation alloys.” And recently the company experienced a rising demand for stainless steel powders.

Asked about the technological challenges in developing new materials for AM, Dr. Meisel answers: “Developing optimal materials is of fundamental importance to additive manufacturing. Here, a close cooperation with users or system manufacturers means a great advantage.”

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