regenHU with PeptiGelDesign provide Bio-inks

regenHU Ltd., an innovative bio-printing solution provider, has combined its expertise with PeptiGelDesign Technologies to provide a range of synthetic ready-to-use bio-inks specifically designed for bio-printing in 3D cell biology and tissue engineering applications.

Bio-inks are fluid-like materials which encapsulate bio-actives (living cells, proteins), which can be 3D printed into bio-architectures (e.g. custom-designed implants or tissue constructs) for drug testing.

Based on the understanding of the self-assembling behaviour of small peptides in water, the EMC-Bioink™ hydrogels are non-Newtonian materials which display shear thinning properties while providing a 3-dimensional peptide nanofiber scaffold that promotes both cell growth and migration.

The EMC-Bioink™ family will enable researchers to produce structures that closely resemble the complex architecture and function of real tissue. Used as either a stand-alone matrix or embedded in a component system, these synthetic extracellular matrices can be used in a wide range of situations: to study tissue or disease, drug discovery, efficacy and toxicity or in the creation of regenerative implants.