Renishaw’s RenAM 500M enhances 3D printing for HiETA

Technology from Renishaw is helping HiETA to move metal additive manufacturing (AM) from prototype manufacture into commercial production of its specialist range of heat exchangers. In particular, the recent addition of Renishaw’s RenAM 500M system at the company has enabled manufacturing times and, therefore production costs, to be reduced dramatically.

The RenAM 500M is a laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing system designed specifically for the production of metal components on the factory floor. As well as incorporating a powerful 500 W laser to give faster processing than earlier models, the new equipment features an automated powder handling system that enables more consistent process quality and reduced operator time on the machine.

Parts manufactured include recuperators, turbo-machinery and combustion components for micro gas-turbines, phase-change heat exchangers for fuel cells and integrated waste-heat recovery systems, and components for highly-efficient internal combustion engines, including turbo-machinery and sections for handling exhaust gases.

Following the success with the Renishaw AM250, HiETA invested in the more powerful RenAM 500M system to enable more cost-effective production of commercial components in low volumes.