Shapeways receives DLP Station from atum3D

Shapeways receives DLP Station from atum3D
Shapeways receives DLP Station from atum3D

atum3D is a leading company in 3D manufacturing solutions based on DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. At last years’ formnext exhibition in Frankfurt, atum3D invited visitors to their booth to enter a raffle by submitting their contact details.

Last December, Shapeways NL turned out to be the lucky winner of the raffle, or – to be exact – the business card of Daphne Lameris, Industrial Engineer at Shapeways NL, turned out to be the winning card. Preparations for the installation of the prize, an all-inclusive DLP Station for 6 months, were started right away, and recently atum3D installed a brand new DLP Station at Shapeways NL in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. “We are delighted to add this state-of-the-art atum3D DLP Station to our facility,” Daphne Lameris comments.

DLP station at Shapeways

With factories and offices in New York, Seattle and Eindhoven, Shapeways is a global leader in offering 3D manufacturing services. Many different 3D printing technologies are used and a range of different machines are operated 24/7. The DLP Station will be integrated in the common workflow at Shapeways NL, which includes industrial use in the high quality component and model production factory.

“The combination of the industrial, highly accurate and cost-effective DLP-based machine, and the open platform – allowing us to use any resin on the market for model and component builds – makes the DLP Station a very interesting proposition,” says Jelle de Vries, 3D Printing Engineer at Shapeways NL. “We are eager to see the unique combination of properties atum3D brought together in the DLP Station perform in our daily practice.”

Ready-to-use installation

atum3D not only delivered the DLP Station to Eindhoven, but also provided ready-to-use installation and a training session for the operators. Guy Nyssen, Channel Manager at atum3D tells this is standard at atum3D. “We believe in the importance of supporting our customers during the setup and use of our products,” he explains. This strategy has proven its value in customers being able to reap the full benefits of DLP Station’s fast, cost-effective manufacturing of detailed components and models with the optimal material properties for the application.

Nyssen is confident the DLP Station will fit right in with the industrial environment at Shapeways. “The professional operators at Shapeways will be putting the DLP Station through its paces like no other. We’re looking forward to working together the coming months.”

Pictured from left to right: Borislav Bliznashki (3D Printing Engineer Shapeways NL), Robin Huizing (3D Printing Engineer Shapeways NL), Max Moors (3D Printing Engineer Shapeways NL), Guy Nyssen (Channel Manager atum3D) and Tristram Budel (Technical Founder atum3D).