Simplify3D introduces Variable Settings Wizard

We’re extremely excited to announce Simplify3D Version 4.0! as our company enters its fifth year, this major update is one of our largest releases yet and implements many of the most popular feature requests that we have received from the community.

Version 4.0 introduces the Variable Settings Wizard, which makes it incredibly easy to optimize the behavior in each section of the model.

Simplify3D has a unique ability to allow customers to change literally any setting they want for different sections of a model, unlocking new possibilities such as changing the mechanical properties of your model throughout the build. We could add strength or weight in one section, while optimizing another section to be light-weight or to achieve a faster manufacturing time.

Version 4.0 also includes a completely new raft design, offering the same break-away removal that customers love with Simplify3D support structures.