Stratasys partners with Adobe

Stratasys Ltd., the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, has recently taken colour 3D printing to a new level of realism and accessibility with the release of Stratasys Creative Colours Software, powered by the Adobe 3D Colour Print Engine, for its Objet Connex3 3D Printing solutions.

Stratasys Creative Colours Software brings the power and freedom of 3D printing to more designers around the world. By forming a direct bridge between Adobe Photoshop CC and Objet Connex3, it enables designers to easily 3D print their most imaginative creations without cumbersome 3D printing workflows. Stratasys Creative Colours further unleashes the potential of the Objet Connsex3 for producing models and parts with ultra-realistic results that have never been possible before. By incorporating multiple gradient colours, patterns, and textures, combined with the 3D printer’s multi-material capabilities, a model produced on the Objet Connex3 can have the same look and feel as the final intended product.

Stratasys has also announced a new direct colour workflow from Photoshop CC to the Stratasys Direct Manufacturing parts-on-demand service. It enables users for the first time to send their colorful 3D files directly to Stratasys Direct Manufacturing from within Photoshop CC for Objet Connex3 3D printing.