TESCAN supports SAFINA – a leader of metal powders

Installation of the TESCAN VEGA3 SB EasyProbe at the quality control facility for metallic powders in SAFINA

SAFINA, a company located in Europe has developed from a small company into one of the leader manufacturers of metal powders. TESCAN is proud to support this company and their success through its product and application excellence.

An increasing demand for metal powders used in additive manufacturing (AM) has led to a rapid growth of metallic powder producers which dedicate great efforts to developing new powder manufacturing methods and a wider range of products with diverse characteristics to satisfy specific needs and industrial applications.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is a powerful analytical technique well-suited for metal powder characterisation. SEM provides high magnification, high-resolution images with high topographic and material contrast that allow determining particle size and shape.

The TESCAN VEGA3 SB EasyProbe is a versatile microscope that can be used not only for powder analysis but also for other multiple applications in materials science.