The inv3nt principle: Large object printing made easy!

Outstanding functionality and ease of use will be the trademarks of the new inv3nt xtraM large-scale 3D printer.
Outstanding functionality and ease of use will be the trademarks of the new inv3nt xtraM large-scale 3D printer.


systec_logo“Not everyone can ‘do big‘. When it comes to 3D printing, a tenth of a millimetre can make all the difference!” Developer Jochen Keuschnig has complete confidence in the inv3nt large-scale 3D printers: “Various elements in 3D printers frequently cause problems. Thanks to our experience in mechanical engineering, we are often in a position to solve them.”

Systec CEO Tilmann Wolter still marvels at the story: The search for a 3D printing service provider to produce a large casing component some years ago was unsuccessful. “Then we decided to build a 3D printer for large parts ourselves.” And so the inv3nt idea was born: FFF/FDM 3D printers with almost unlimited scalability for large build chambers of up to 3000 x 3000 x 3000 mm³, with customized configuration and multiple printheads, additional tools, heated platform and build chamber, tailor made CNC software fully adaptable to customer needs with touchscreen capability, and the inv3nt studio slicer.


The inv3nt principle: turning simple ideas into high-performance, easy-to-use products. “Why don’t large FDM 3D printers fit neatly on a euro pallet?” asked Jochen Keusching, for instance. No sooner said than done: The result is to be presented shortly by Systec GmbH under the name inv3nt xtraM. It fits on the euro pallet and yet has a spacious build chamber of 650 x 410 x 680 mm³. For users of the inv3nt xtraM even the most difficult-to-get-to corners of the build chamber are fully accessible at all times thanks to the three-piece, transparent polycarbonate hood on the top of the machine. The object being printed can be easily accessed at all times as the printheads are moved via an area gantry mounted on the top of the machine.

systec_advertorial_2The object descends on the heated build platform layer by layer. When printing is completed, it moves back to the top. The object, no longer obscured from view, is then removed at eye-level. What the xtraM can do, the other members of the inv3nt family can do, too. The large-scale inv3nt xtraL, geared wholly towards customized special-purpose 3D printers, is a 3D printing-machine-cell concept ideal for additive manufacturing of product samples, prototypes or single pieces. The inv3nt delta, on the other hand, is the 3D printer of choice among users for whom attractive design and wide-ranging scalability are important. The construction, with its triangular base, has particularly easy height adjustment.

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