VTT installs plasma equipment in 3D printing

Plasma equipment

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s new plasma equipment accelerates industrial production processes and the creation of new products. The entire production chain, from raw materials to product, has been accelerated and streamlined.

Material development is the next step forward in the 3D printing. Plasma equipment has been installed for VTT in Tampere, for the development and piloting of 3D printing powders. Plasma treatment changes the properties of various raw materials, for example the flowability of a material can be raised to the level required for 3D printing devices. The role of plasma treatment is emphasized especially in the processing of metal-ceramic composite powders.

VTT’s ability to offer a range of material composition that fulfills the needs of industry and research teams is expanding considerably. Machine and equipment manufacturers and the energy sector will particularly benefit from the plasma equipment.

The new equipment is part of VTT’s pilot environment for powder materials. It will enable pilot-scale demonstration across the entire production chain, from powder to product.