2-component print head for liquids in 3D printing

Application example 3D printing of 2-component materials

ViscoTec makes it possible to print two-component liquids and pastes with maximum and consistent precision over the entire 3D printing process. For producing three-dimensional objects, thermoplastics, ceramics or metals are usually used. But in addition to the classical materials in 3D printing, viscous fluids and pastes based on a two-component polymer are increasingly used. These include, for example, silicones, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, acrylates and polyester resins.

ViscoTec has developed a two-component print head specifically for these materials and for use in 3D printers for viscous materials – the ViscoDUO-FDD 4/4.

At the heart of the print head is the rotating displacement principle. Thanks to the special geometry, a precisely defined chamber volume is created in which the material is continuously axially transported. A purely volumetric technology that makes high-precision 3D printing possible.

The two-component print head ViscoDUO-FDD 4/4 offers the ideal solution for both industrial and professional applications. Viscous materials are therefore transformed into three-dimensional objects with the highest precision.